Emma-Claire and Ruby Get Beautifully Nude

When Emma-Claire and Ruby get detention together they’re pretty excited since both British babes love behaving badly. Ruby knew they had detention today so she came well-prepared with a bottle of booze to make the time pass quickly. Left alone to their own devices both Emma-Claire and Ruby decided to get into more trouble, if that is even possible. Getting drunk on the vodka that Ruby brought to class, both U.K. schoolgirl babes began to strip in front of the window where the boys from the St. Agnes School for boys can see them well.

Ruby let loose her British big tits and rubbed them onto the window where the boys watching stood with mouths agape at the luscious fleshy fun bags that belonged to Ruby. Emma-Claire then bent over by the window showing the boys what a tasty and very bald U.K. snatch looks like. After getting naked both Emma-Claire and Ruby kissed in front of the boys making them hornier for the St. Mackenzie’s U.K. Schoolgirl sluts even more.

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