A Smoking Hot Punishment with Emma-Claire and Miss FiFi

Emma-Claire is a naughty British schoolgirl that refuses to play by the rules. Whipping out a cigarette and blatantly smoking it in class, Miss FiFi loses her temper as she’s tried just about everything to get Emma-Claire to pay attention in class. Spanking and caning seem to not do a thing to Emma–Claire so she gives the naughty U.K. schoolgirl babe a taste of her own medicine to see if that deters Emma-Claire from acting out like a naughty U.K. bitch.

Miss FiFi snatches the lit cigarette out of Emma-Claire’s hands and begins to take off her clothes since she’s noticed much of the slutty U.K. student body at St Mackenzie’s loved getting naked. Miss FiFi felt a sense of freedom as her British tits hung exposed to the cool classroom air. She ordered Emma-Claire to do the same and sit in the corner with her dunce hat nude and made Emma-Claire smoke the entire pack of fags as punishment.